Change of Course

Change Of Course

Every student is expected to undertake the course which he/she is admitted to study and for which he/she satisfies the requirements for admission. If, however, any student (with genuine reason(s))wishes to change to another course at the end of any academic session, he/she mayapply for the change. Such application may be granted provided that:

  • The student understands the implication that may emanate from such a change, for example, loss of time or loss of some already accumulated credits;
  • The student satisfies the admission requirements for the course he/she intends to change to;
  • There is vacancy in the department he/she wants to change to;
  • The Head of the Department and Dean of School accepts the student;
  • The Head of the Department and the Dean of the School the student is leaving agree to the change; and
  • The transaction is well documented and the admission office is fully aware of such change.

The procedure for change of course shall be as follows:

  1. The student applying for a change of course shall submit application to his Head of Department (HOD) who shall endorse it (if acceptable to the Department and send it through the Dean, to the Registrar;
  2. The Registrar shall refer the application to the Dean of the new school for comment;
  3. The Dean of the new School shall return the treated application to the Registrar;
  4. The Registrar shall, if favourable, forward the treated application to the Academic Board for approval;
  5. The applicant shall be communicated of the approval or otherwise of his/her application by the Registrar; and
  6. The student shall pay change of course fee, if the application is approved.