Department of Fine and Applied Arts

Department of Fine and Applied Arts


Fine and Applied Arts Department was one of the four departments in the School of Vocational Education that was established with the College in 1974. Basically, the middle-level manpower production, provision philosophy, is the main aim and objective of the discipline. This provides adequate personnel needed to disseminate all aspects of the discipline such as sculpture, painting, graphics, textiles, ceramics, computer graphics, general drawing, art education and art history as well as entrepreneurship in education knowledge to both the primary and the lower levels of the secondary school.

In essence, Fine and Applied Arts students are thus exposed, sufficiently equipped, to take up the challenges of the teaching and learning of Fine and Applied Arts at all above mentioned levels of education. Also, students are prepared with the necessary skills and knowledge to promote Nigerian and the world’s artistic and cultural heritage. Students are equipped with the ability to communicate effectively through the arts.

MISSION STATEMENT: Since self-reliance is the motto of the Fine and Applied Arts Department, lecturers in the department strive to put students through to achieve this. This is done through rigorous, efficient and effective teaching and learning of the discipline. In effect, students go through art knowledge acquisition in a friendly relaxed atmosphere of candour with much emphasis on theoretical and practical involvement. In the final analysis, students are expected to stand on their own without necessarily waiting for the non-existent white collar jobs. Consequently, the crowded job market is to some extent de-congested by the existence of the Fine and Applied Art Depart at the Federal College of Education, Okene.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: A major in any of the areas of fine and applied arts makes an individual a sculptor, painter, graphic artist, ceramist, textile artist art educator or an art historian. One is therefore, self-employed and can even be an employer, if one decides to establish a studio for himself. On paid employment in any organization there vacancies such as Director, Assistant Director, Studio manager, Assistant studio manager, Photographer, etc. These positions are prevalent in all aspects of the fine and applied arts. Equally, in the teaching field, an artist can rise to the level of a professor. Indeed, fine and applied arts education, is a lucrative, professional and vocational discipline.

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Head of Department

Dr. Anabe A.T

Fine and Applied Arts Department

Fine and Applied Arts Department Building, FCE Okene Main Campus
P.M.B. 1026, Okene, Kogi-State,

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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