Guidance and Counselling Unit

Guidance and Counselling Unit



The guidance and counselling unit was established in 2005 with the Purpose of providing series of services aimed at assisting students and staff to solve problems by making wise intelligent choices and decisions, understanding themselves and the environment and becoming better adjustment and happier.

A School Counsellor professionally guides and counsels individuals alone and in groups, helping them to understand themselves and their situations with a view to maximizing their personal effectiveness and satisfaction as well as their usefulness to the society in which they live and in a school setting.


Over the years, the counselling unit has assisted both students and staff and members of the community to solve personal, psychological, career/vocation and socio-personal problems or issues. The hall mark of the unit is the voluntary attendance on the part of clients at the unit.

The head of the unit who doubles  as the college counselor, is Dr. Paulina Obioma Agali-Sowho (2006-till date) with assistance from guidance counselors from the Educational Psychology Department, students affairs unit, medical centre, where the need arises. For example during referrals and practicum exercises.

Till date, the unit has recorded huge success in the area of personal, psychological, career/vocation and socio-personal aspects of students’ lives.


The unit is made up of a large and comfortable reception, group and individual counseling rooms, and a store.

The centre is staffed by a professional counselor, an Administrative officer and a clerk who acts as a receptionist, receives and dispatches mails, filing Memos and mails, Liaises between office and store, books appointment for clients and any other job that arises.


The Federal College of Education, Counselling Unit provides the following services:

  • Academic Counselling
  • Career Counselling
  • Personal and Psychological Counselling
  • Marital Counselling
  • Referrals: Liaising with the Students Affairs Unit, Medical unit, Examination Officers, ICT and Lecturers.
  • Orientation to aid adjustment of new students.
  • Information service: Provides social, educational and psychological information to students, teachers’ administrators, parents and the community.
  • Planning and placement services for students on probation and those having carryover courses.
  • Appraisal service which is aimed at helping students to acquire and organize useful information about themselves.
  • Follow-up services to monitor progress of clients.
  • Research and evaluation services.
  • Conducting individual and group counseling for students on many issues such as Examination ethics, decent dressing, consequences of pre-marital sex, developing good study habits, good behavior, cultism, substance abuse, sexual harassment, depression, loneliness, emotional breakdown and planning for a better future.

Unit Contact Info

Head of Unit

Dr. Paulina Obioma Agali-Sowho

Dr. Paulina Obioma Agali-Sowho

Guidanance and Counselling Unit

Biology Department Building, FCE Okene Main Campus
P.M.B. 1026, Okene, Kogi-State,

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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