Abdullahi Momohjimoh Bello

Abdullahi Momohjimoh Bello

Abdullahi Momohjimoh Bello

Lecturer I

Designation:  Lecturer

Rank: Lecturer I

Area of specialization: Food Sc. & Tech/Food & Nutrition

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D. (Food Sci. & Nut), Ph.D., HND, ND (Food Sc. & Tech), WASC/GCE and FLSC


  • Abdullahi, MJ.B. & Oshadumo, L.A. (2011). Fifty years of primary education in post-independence Nigeria: Issues/challenges and prospects. African journal of academic excellence, 2(1), 12-16.
  • Abdullahi, MJ.B (2016). Assessing quality characteristics of biscuit produced from tiger-nut and wheat composite flour. Journal of vocational education, 3(3):9-15.
  • Abdullahi, MJ.B. (2018). Quality assessment of protein enriched Akpapapa: A maize-based local food. Journal of school of science and vocational Education. 9(5):25-32.
  • Abdullahi, MJ.B. (2019). Proximate composition of pear/millet-based complementary foods supplemented with cowpea. Nigeria food journal, 36(2); 88-94.


  • Member, Nigerian Charled Institute of food science & technology
  • Member, Teacher’s Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)
  • Member, College of Education Academic Staff Union
  • Member, Nigerian Volleyball Refress Association (NURA)