Audu Michael Ilemona

NAME OF STAFF:  Audu Michael Ilemona

DESIGNATION: Academic Staff

RANK: Chief Lecturer 


AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: Chemistry Education 


PHONE NUMBER: 08034503346

RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS                              

(a)   Books

  1. Laboratory Management and Practice (for Schools and Colleges)
  2. Carbon Compounds (for Schools and Colleges)

(b)   Journal

Audu, M. I. (2007). “Impediments to Girl-Child Education in Nigeria: A Panacea,” Confluence Journal of Education 3(1), 204 – 208.

Audu, M. I. (2008). “Effects of Brain Drain On the Contribution of Science to National Development,” NASHER Journal vol. No. 242 – 246

Audu, M. I. (2010). “Science and Technology in Nigeria Much Efforts, Little Gains, What Next”, Journal of APAETIN.

Audu, M. I. (2010). “Re-engineering Science Education for Sustainable Nigeria Economy”, NASHER J 8(1).

Audu, M. I. (1994). “Factor  Affecting the Effective Teaching and Learning of Chemistry in Senior Secondary School: Implication for Science Education”. Journal of Science and Technology Education (JOSTE).

Audu M. I. (1997). “Analysis of Students’ Problem Solving Difficulties with the Concept of Solubility in Chemistry”. Journal of Technology Education, vol. 2, No. 1, 252 – 260

Audu, M. I. (2001). “Gender Consideration in Problem – Solving Difficulty with the Concept of Solubility in Secondary School Chemistry:.  Journal of Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (JOSTMED), vol. 4(1), 225-235.

Audu M. I. (2005). “Improvised Materials as Means of Maximizing Children’s Interest in Science and Technology: International Journal of Children in  Science and Technology, vol. 3(1), 99-104.

Audu M. I. (2006). “Effective Science Education Programme for National Development: Implication for Universal Basic Education”. Journal of Studies in General Education, (JSGE).


  1. Member, Teachers Registration Council
  2. Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN)