Dr Boniface Sunday Akande

NAME: Dr. Adesoye Omolasoye

DESIGNATION: Director of Management Information System (M.I.S.)


B.S. Akande, a seasoned teacher, and administrator was appointed Director of M.I.S. in Jan. 2020.  He brought into his new responsibility a vast experience from the field.  He has been Headteacher, Principal, and Coordinator of Teaching Practice at both Grade II Teachers’ College and the College of Education.  He has also been Chairman FCE, Schools Management Board.  He is a prolific writer and has written over twenty-five (25) academic papers published in both National and International journals.  He has authored several professional books in the areas of Curriculum development, traditional education, and general-purpose interests.

Beyond these, however, Dr. Akande has been a strong advocate of the need to modernize and digitalize the teaching aspect of education in cognizance with evolving technology, changing needs of learners, and transformations in the world of work.  All of these informed the determination and gusto with which he set down to work.  And at this time when the issues of the virtual classroom are made all the more paramount M.I.S. can be said to have the right man in the saddle to lead the College into the new normal.