Dr Momoh Obaniyi Kabir Caleb

Name Of Staff: Dr Momoh Obaniyi Kabir Caleb

Designation: Academic Staff

Rank: Chief Lecturer

Area Of Specialisation: English/Literature

Qualification: Ph.D, M.A, PGDE, B.A

PHONE NO:                    

E-mail: drcalebmore@gmail.com



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  1. National Association for the Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK)
  2. Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA)
  3. Society of Nigerian Theatre Artists.
  4. National Association of Science Humanities and Education Research (NASHER)
  5. National Association of Radio English Direct Teachers (NAREDIT)
  6. National Association of Teacher of English in College of Education and Polytechnics (NATECEP).
  7. National Association for Research Development (NARD)