Dr. Suleiman, Abdulrahman Danuwa

NAME: Dr. Suleiman, Abdulrahman Danuwa


RANK: Chief Lecturer

AREA OF SPECIALISATION: Agricultural Economics

E-mail: sulead77@gmail.com                                 


Ph.D (Agricultural Economics)       –        2015

M.Sc (Agricultural Economics)       –        2008

B.Sc (Agricultural Science)   –        1985

P.G.D.E                                  –        2014

WASSCE                               –        1977

FSLC                                      –        1971


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  1. Member, Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)
  2. National Association of Agricultural Economics (NAAE)
  3. Member, Association for Promoting Educational Innovation in Nigeria (APEIN)
  4. Member, Association of Nigerian Educators (ANE)
  5. Member, Association of Nigerian Academics (ANA)
  6. Member, National Association of Agricultural Educators in Nigerian Colleges of Education (NAAENCE)
  7. Member, National Association for the Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK)