Egeonu Aloysius Mbadiwe

Egeonu Aloysius Mbadiwe

Name: Egeonu, Aloysius Mbadiwe

Gender: Male

DESIGNATION: Lecturing(Chief)

Rank: Chief Lecturer




  1. M.Sc. (Agronomy ) Crop/Seed Production 1993
  2. Ed (Agric) 1988
  3. WASC 1981
  4. First School Leaving Certificate 1974
  5. Diploma in Computer Science 1997
  6. Ph.D (inview)


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  1. STAN: Science Teachers Association of Nigeria.
  2. ASN: Agricultural Society of Nigeria
  3. AIRSAF: International Association of Research Scholars and Fellows.
  4. Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria
  5. APREHET: Association for the Promotion of Education, Health, Environmental and Technology Research.