Eweh Christine Chizoba

Eweh Christine Chizoba

Eweh Christine Chizoba

Chief Lecturer

Designation: Lecturer

Rank: Chief Lecturer

Area Of Specialisation: Health Education


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  • Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)
  • National Association of Research Development (NARD)
  • Science Teachers Association of Nigeria. (STAN)
  • Association for the promotion of Academic Excellence in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria (APAETIN)
  • Primary and Tertiary Teacher Education Association of Nigeria (PATTEAN)
  • Association of Nigerian Teachers. (ASSONT)
  • National Association for the Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK)
  • Association for Encouraging Qualitative Education in Nigeria. (ASSEQEN)
  • Nigeria Association of Educationists for National Development (NAEND)