Okomanyi Omuya Anakobe

NAME OF STAFF:  Okomanyi Omuya Anakobe


RANK:    Chief Lecturer



EMAIL: anasokoman@yahoo.com


  • Journal Articles
  1. Okomanyi, O.A. (2010). The Roles of Acquisition of Vocational Skills in the Realization of    Seven (7) Point Agenda for National Development in Nigeria.  Knowledge Review – 21 (3)
  2. Awotoye, G.T. (Mrs.) and Okomanyi, O.A. (2010). Women Empowerment in Agricultural Education and the Economic Meltdown. Okene Journal of Education –3 (1).
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  13. Okomanyi, O.A. (2002). Focus on Technical Education in Nigeria. Aspiration, Perception and Realization. Refocusing Education in Nigeria. Benin 101-105.
  • Published Books
  1. Introductory Genetics. Single Authorship
  2. An Introduction to Animal Breeding. Single Authorship

Membership of professional bodies:

  1. The Nigerian Society for Animal Production.
  2. National Association for Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK)
  3. Member, Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)