Oniwon Hajara Oyamine Evelyin

Oniwon Hajara Oyamine Evelyin

Oniwon Hajara Oyamine Evelyin

Senior Lecturer

Designation: Lecturer

Rank: Senior Lecturer

Area Of Specialization:

Qualifications: B.A (Philosophy) (1985), M.Ed, ECE 2014

Email: evelynoyamine@gmail.com

Phone Number: 08035052092, 08050406096


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Book Chapters

  • Uduebholo, E.I (2010). Basic in Phhilosophy of Education: Book Chapters Contribution (Two Chapters). Pg. 86-119, 135-175
  • Uduebholo, E.I & Adebola G.O (2010). An Introduction to Sociology of Education: Book Chapters Contribution (Two Chapters). Pg. 47-55, 117-120.


  • Early Childhood Association of Nigeria (ECAN)
  • Early Childhood Education of Nigeria (ECEN)
  • Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)
  • Association of Nigeria Teachers (ASSONT)
  • National Association for the Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK)
  • Historians of Education Development Society of Nigeria. (HOEDSON)