Shade Omokore, PhD

Shade Omokore, PhD

Chief Lecturer

Designation: Lecturer

Rank: Chief  Lecturer

Area of specialization: Home Economics

Qualification: Ph.D. (Home Economic) M.Ed. (Home Economics), B.Ed. (Home Economics),  N.C.E (Home Economics), Grade II

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PUBLICATIONS (Journal articles)

  • Esther Shade Omokore (2018). Influence of material knowledge of nutrition and physical activities on primary school children’s body weights in Kogi State. Athesis written in the department of vocational and technical education, submitted to the school of postgraduate studies, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Home Education in the University of Benin, Benin city, Nigeria.
  • Omokore E.S (2017). A review of the prospects and problem of high consumption of sugar and salt in our body. Nigerian journal of education Health and Technology Research 9, 18-24.
  • Omokore E.S (2017). The nutritional value and health benefits of moringa plant. Scholasticism (1), 20-26.
  • Omokore E.S (2016). Causes effects and management of childhood over weight/obesity. Journal of science and vocational education, 8,36-47.
  • Omokore E.S (2016) Environment and personal hygiene: A panacea to eradicating lassa fever in Nigeria confluence journal of education, 9(1), 320-329.


  • Member teacher’s registration council of Nigeria
  • Home economics research association Nigeria (HERAN)
  • Forum of academics for educational advancement and initiative in Nigeria.