Transfer Of Students

Transfer of Students From Other Colleges of Education to FCE Okene

Transfer of students from other Colleges of Education may be permitted, but such shall be limited to only 200 level.

Any candidate intending to transfer to the College is expected to apply early and have his/her credentials and the transcript of his/her 100 level courses sent to the College. The credentials and transcript are then sent to the concerned Department/School for screening and evaluation to determine the eligibility or otherwise of the candidate to be admitted. It is important that the transcript should indicate the Course(s) code(s), course(s) title(s) and credit(s) without which the standing of the students on transfer cannot be determined.

An intending transfer candidate shall also send along with the application a stamped reference letter from the Head of Department/Dean in his/her School to vouch for his/her good character/behaviour. The application should also be very clear and specific as to the reason (s) for seeking the transfer

The processing of the transfer application is as follows:

  1. On receipt of the application, together with academic transcripts and other documents, the Registrar shall forward them to the Head of Department concerned through the Dean;
  2. The Head of Department shall return the treated application through the Dean to the Registrar withhis/her recommendations;
  3. The treated application shall be forwarded by the Registrar to the Academic Board for approval; and
  4. The Registrar then communicates the applicant with the approval or otherwise of his/her application.