Brief History, Vision and Mission of FCE, Okene

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Brief History of Federal College of Education, Okene

Federal College of Education, Okene was established in 1974 At its inception, it was known as Federal Advanced Teachers College, Okene but it was renamed Federal College of Education, Okene in 1985. It was under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Education up to 1987.

However, in 1987, the college assumed an autonomous status. Decree No.4 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Gazette No.16, Vol.73 of 21st March made this college an autonomous institution; by implication, the highest policy making body now is the governing council of the college, which is constituted by the Federal Government.

Students are admitted from all over the country in fulfilment of the Federal Government’s objective in setting up the college, which among others, is to serve as a unifying force among the various ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The vision of the college is a reflection of the national vision which sees Nigeria of the 21st century as a nation of all round development. It is envisaged that illiteracy would be wiped out and education will truly be a pivot of achieving social cohesion and economic development. Federal College of Education, Okene is poised to contributing its quota in making this dream a reality.

The mission of the college stems partly from one of the initial aims of establishing Federal Colleges of Education. This aim is to have Unity Teachers’ Colleges serve as unifying force for the various ethnic groups in the country. Federal College of Education, Okene will continue as part of its assigned roles, to provide professional training for would be teachers by adequately equipping the trainees for the effective discharge of their roles as teachers.

Nigeria’s Policy on Education (2013) is based on the integration of the individual into a sound and effective citizenry. Therefore, Federal College of Education, Okene firmly believes that admission policies as laid down by Government must be followed and that stipulated programmes, especially, in the National Commission for colleges of Education Minimum Standard Document shall be complied with to produce sound and effective citizens able to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

College Motto

Knowledge Par Excellence

Vision Statement

To be major key player in nation-building, progressive learning and development by producing quality mid-level manpower in Nigeria Educational system

Mission Statement

To achieve academic excellence by producing distinctive students who are outstanding in; Culture, Knowledge, Moral and Behaviour through teaching and learning

In compliance with the National policy on Education, the College vigorously pursues the following goals as listed in the National Policy on Education (2013)

  1. To produce highly motivated, conscientious and efficient classroom teachers for primary and junior secondary school levels of education;
  2. To encourage further spirit of enquiry and creativity in teachers;
  3. To produce teachers who will be well fitted into the Nigeria community and to enhance their commitment to national goals;
  4. To provide teachers with intellectual and professional background adequate for their expected roles and to make them adaptable to changes anywhere they found themselves; and
  5. To enhance teachers’ commitment to the teaching profession.

In pursuance of the aims and objectives of the national philosophy of education, Federal College of Education, Okene sets for itself the following goals:

  1. To make the College a healthy institution by providing polices and suitable environment for effective cohabitation;
  2. To create a sense of satisfaction, self-confidence and personal worth;
  3. To focus on the assigned roles of Colleges of Education; and
  4. To satisfy educational needs of both students and staff.

The College keeps in focus the need to go beyond preparing for teaching only. The products of the college should be able to use their acquired knowledge and skills to function even outside formal teaching activities. It also intended that those that pass through the College will be equipped with higher training. The College hopes to achieve these objectives in greater dimension through the following:

  1. Recruitment of qualified teachers and training of many more for higher degrees;
  2. Keeping the philosophy and objectives of teacher education in focus;
  3. Instilling discipline among staff and students so as to guarantee progress and achievement;
  4. Encouraging research and more effective teaching;
  5. Applying Information and Communication Technology (ICT);
  6. Improving classroom-library-office conditions for easier and better discharge of staff duties;
  7. Striving to maintain a realistic and acceptable staff-student ratio; and
  8. Enhancing financial base of the College through Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).