Dress Code

Dress Code on Campus

  • Short and skimpy dresses e.g. “body hugs”, “show me your chest”, spaghetti wears and dresses exposing sensitive parts of the body;
  • Tight shorts and obscene skirts that are above he knees (except for sporting purposes);
  • Pencil trousers and leggings with short tops and all other forms of tight fitting clothing;
  • Tattered jeans and jeans with holes;
  • Transparent and see through dresses;
  • Tight fittings, e.g. jeans, skirts, hip star, patralactra, etc. that reveal the body shape;
  • Under-clothing such as singlet worn publicly;
  • Unkempt appearances, such as wearing bathroom slippers to classrooms (except on medical grounds);
  • Long and tight skirts which are slit in front or at the sides, which unduly reveal sensitive parts of the body as the wearer moves on;
  • Wearing of T-shirts with obscene inscriptions;
  • Shirts without buttons or not properly buttoned revealing the wearer’s chest unduly;
  • Wearing of earrings by male students;
  • Plaiting or weaving of hair by male students;
  • Wearing of loose ties; and
  • Earth level/sagging trousers/yansh.