School of General Education

A Brief History of School of General Education, FCE, Okene

The School of General Education, Federal College of Education, Okene is one of the largest Schools in the College.  This is in terms of staff and student population.  At the inception of the College in 1974, the School was known as School of Educational Studies.  Later the name was changed to the Division of Education with two Departments. Departments of General Education and Physical Health Education.

The 1989/90 Academic Session saw the birth of many Departments and a change in nomenclature of the School of Education.  This was in line with the rules and regulations of the newly established supervisory body-National Commission for College of Education (NCCE).

On 3rd January 2018, the Provost Dr. Umar Hassan with College Management split the School of Education into three namely, School of General Education, School of Early Childhood and Care Education and Primary Education; and the School of Adult, Non-formal and Special Education.

The School of General Education presently has five Departments; namely,

Curriculum and Instructions, Educational Foundations, General Studies Education, Educational Psychology, and Pre-NCE.

The School is blessed with an Office Complex and three Laboratories; namely; Micro-teaching Laboratory, Centre for Educational Technology (C.E.T.), and Guidance and Counseling Laboratory.

Vision and Mission of School of General Education

Education is an important instrument for the development of society; and Teacher Education is central to quality in Education.  School of General Education aims at producing diligent teachers with high personal maturity and professional integrity.

The mission of School of General Education is hinged on the mission of Teacher Education in Nigeria, which among others, include:

  • Production of well-motivated teachers with high personal and professional discipline, integrity and competence for all the levels of the educational system.
  • Preparation of teachers with appreciable expertise in Curriculum Planning, development and delivery, as well as competence in research, guidance and counseling.
  • Production of professionals who can combine the use of conventional teaching strategies and worlds’ unfolding ICT in the generation and imparting of knowledge, attitudes and skills.
  • Continuous preparation and upgrading of teachers who can stand out for their professional competence, sense of social responsibility and commitment , to function effectively as constructive socio-economic, moral and spiritual change-agents needed to promote goodwill, peace and progress not only in the country but also in the world of the 21st

Achievements of the School Since 2017 – Date.

  • The School ensured that students were registered promptly as well as opening and updating files for the new and returning students respectively. This is done in every academic session.
  • The Dean through Education students Association (EDUSA) organized an orientation programme for new students every session
  • The School through EDUSA provided Generating Machine, Public Address System and Wooden Shelf in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. The School is now the most equipped in the College and has always passed accreditation in flying colours.
  • The school organized Pre-examination briefing every semester to sensitize the staff on what to do before, during and after examination. This is done in every session to ensure the successful conduct of examinations.
  • In 2019 the staff strength increased from 44 to 72 as a result of the employment of 28 new staff.
  • In 2019, the Dean organized orientation programme for newly employed staff to sensitize them on the dos and don’ts of the school and the college at large.

Number of Teachers by rank

  • Number of Chief Lecturers 15
  • ” ”       Principal Lecturers                         6
  • ” ”       Senior Lecturers                              5
  • ” ”       Lecturer I                                          5
  • ” ”       Lecturer II                                        12
  • ” ”       Lecturer III                                       9
  • ” ”       Assistant Lecturers                        20

Dr. Mrs. Fatima O. Usman,

Dean, School of General Education.


Curriculum Studies and Instruction

General Studies Education

Educational Foundation

Pre-NCE and Remedial Studies

Educational Psychology

The previous Deans of the school are:

M.O Ashinze – 1991-1992




O.B.E Adeniyi (deceased) –        1992-1995




Fr. J.J. Onotu (deceased) – 1994-1997




I. S. Osasana – 1997-1999




B.O. Ayozie – 1999-2003




Suleiman Joseph – 2003-2007




Thomas O. Ezeali -Ag Dean, February-July, 2005




Maimunat O. Abdulazeez – Dean, 2007-2011




Stephen S. Okpanachi – Dean, 2012-2016




Abdullahi Sango                        – Dean,        2016-2017


 Dean, School of General Education

School Contact Info

School Of General Education, FCE Okene

P.M.B. 1026, Okene,
Kogi-State, Nigeria

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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