FCE Okene Graduation Requirements


Pass All Compulsory Courses

Students are expected to pass all compulsory courses in General Education, General Studies, Departmental courses and other course(s) required to meet up the minimum credit units for graduation.

24 Weeks Teaching Practice

Teaching Practice is compulsory for all students and must last for a minimum of twenty-four weeks. A Student who is absent in his/her teaching practice school during External Moderation will earn technical failure (TF).

Industrial Attachement/SIWES

Industrial Attachment or SIWES is compulsory for all students registered for courses in Vocational Education and Computer Science in the School of Sciences.

Complete and Submit Project

All registered students must submit supervised projects before graduation. The project may be written in the area of education or any of the student’s major subjects. This is without prejudice to long essays or seminar papers that may be required by some departments or in some subject areas, three copies of such projects, typed double spaced and bound (hardcover) must be submitted by each student before graduation. The credits earned will be recorded under EDU 323. Students who fail to submit their projects before the certification of the final year result by the Academic Board, will submit at the next available opportunity within the life span of the NCE programme