Probation And Withdrawal

Conditions For Probation And Withdrawal

The critical factor for assessing a student’s overall performance in a programme of study, regardless of the number of credit units taken, is the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). The CGPA is also used as a measure for assessing students for probation and withdrawal, explained as follows:


Probation is a status granted to a student whose academy performance falls below 10 GPA at the end of 1″ semester 100 level.


A student on probation whose Grade Point Average is below 1.0 at the end of 2 semester NCE 1, shall be required to withdraw from the College on account of poor academic standing.

Repeating Failed Course(s)

A student should take the course(s) failed at the next available opportunity provided that the total number of credit units arrived during the semester do not exceed 24 and that THE GRADES EARNED AT ALL THE ATTEMPTS shall count towards the calculation of the C.G.P.A.