Sanctions For Violating Rules And Regulations


Sanctions For Violating Rules And Regulations

The sanction imposed on erring students depends on the gravity of the offence committed. The following are some of the sanctions that may be imposed for violating

College rules:

  • Reprimand and warning:
  • Suspension;
  • Rustication, and
  • Expulsion.

Expulsion which is the maximum sanction can be imposed in the event of any of the following, among others;

  • academic misconduct e.g. cheating in examination;
  • dishonesty e.g. furnishing false information to the College by forgery, alteration or misuse of College records;
  • obstructing or interfering with College functions through demonstration and disorderly behaviour;
  • fighting;
  • intentionally or recklessly but not accidentallydamaging destroying, defacing (e.g pasting of papers, posters) or tampering with College property of property of any person within the College premises;
  • stealing;
  • involvement in secret society of cult activities;
  • improper dressing; and
  • cyber-crime.