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A Brief History of School of Languages, FCE, Okene


Modern man can hardly contemplate communal life without the instrument of language. Performance in spoken language defines personality. For the would-be teacher, their credibility is almost always anchored on his/her competence in communicating ideas and stimulating learning through language usage. Indeed the School of Language promotes the philosophy that an articulate and well-spoken teacher commands respect and easily wins the hearts of his/her pupils.

            The School of Languages currently possesses very modern facilities in the teaching and learning of foreign languages such as Arabic, French, and English.  The major Nigerian languages such as Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo languages are also taught here. These languages are necessary for communality and the socio-economic growth and development of man in contemporary Nigeria. Furthermore, the school system in Nigeria emphasizes and encourages the learning of at least two of the languages highlighted above for it sees them as essential tools for knowledge acquisition, dissemination, and application.

            Literature, which is regarded as ‘Language applied, is equally embedded as one of the areas being taught in these languages. This aspect of language aims at treating the totality of the world view of a people in terms of their social and political formations, culture, fears, anxieties, and aspirations. The School of Languages considers studying a language outside its literature component a serious disservice both to the learner and the language itself, thus in this School, students are lead to learn both the language and culture of the people through their literature. 

Aims And Objectives Of The Languages Taught

The NCE language programmes are designed to prepare the would-be teacher for the task of teaching the language of their choice at the Primary and Junior Secondary School levels. It also enables students to use the language so acquired as a medium of instruction. The programme equally assists the teachers-in-training to build up their spoken and written skills in the language of their choice








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