Student Rules and Regulations

Information on Students Rules and Regulations

College Property

  • Department and Library textbooks, games equipment. beds, mattresses, tables, lockers, chairs etc. issued to students by the College remain the property of the College;
  • Periodic check of all items supplied to students will be made as the need arises and students may be surcharged for loss mutilation of textbooks and any other College property;
  • Students must not write or post pictures and bills with indelible ink on the walls of their rooms; and
  • Only trained persons should use fire extinguishers; however, students can use sand buckets located in the hostels during fire outbreak.

Use of College Property by Clubs, Associations/Societies and Student Union Government (SUG)

  1. At least seven days’ notice is required for the use of any College property. Application should be addressed to the Provost through the Dean, Student Affairs; and
  2. The Clubs/Associations/Societies/SUG shall also be responsible for the movement and return College property approved for use.

Note: The user will be sanctioned/surcharged for damage caused.

Visiting Hours

Female students visit to male hall terminates at 7.00 pm, and no male student is allowed into Female Room;

Students are to receive visitors in the common rooms between 4.00 p.m. and 7.00 pm. Mondays to Friday and on weekends and public holidays between 10.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m;

All students are regarded as visitors to any other hall in which they are not registered. Also, non-residential students are considered visitors to the halls of residence;

A breach of these regulations by students shall carry appropriate punishment i.e. a letter of warning reprimand for a first offender or ejection from the hostel for repeated violation of the rule. Furthermore, a wilful destruction of College property will attract punishment; and

Visitors from outside the College who violate the College rules stand the risk of being handed over to the law enforcement agencies and will be treated as intruders. Students are therefore seriously advised to warn their relations or loved ones to please respect College rules.

Use of Vehicles and Electrical Appliances

Personal property such as electronics, motorcycles, refrigerators, cars should be registered on the day of arrival with security unit and the porters.

Environmental Sanitation

  1. It is mandatory for students to participate in environmental sanitation exercise that comes up on days approved by the College; and
  2. Students should display a high level of cleanliness in the hostels.


  1. Use of foul language and hate speeches among students are strictly prohibited;
  2. Fighting/assault will attract outright expulsion from the College; and


  1. Physical and Health Education students are not allowed to be pregnant while on course;
  2. No pregnant woman is allowed to stay in the hall of residence; and
  3. Any student who commits abortion in the hall of residence will be expelled from the College may be handed over to law enforcement agency

Change, Addition and Correction of Name

The College may consider application for change of names from students upon the submission of two copies of the following:

  • Application for change of name;
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate (where applicable);
  • Photocopies of sworn affidavit;
  • Photocopies of the relevant page of newspaper publication on the change of name;
  • Documentary evidence of dissolution of marriage in the court of law {where applicable}

All applications for change, addition and correction of names must be submitted to the Dean, Student Affairs. Every application shall be treated on its own merit.