Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)

Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)

Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a skill training Programme to expose and prepare students of Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Technology, Colleges of Agriculture and Colleges of Education for the Industrial Work situation they are likely to meet after graduation. The Scheme also affords students the opportunity of familiarizing and exposing themselves to the needed experience in handling equipment and machinery that are usually not available in their Institutions

Code of Conduct for Participants

The expected conducts of participating students in SIWES are:

  • Register for SIWES and submit at the point of registration, their bank account details (Bank name, Account number and sort code) to their school’s SIWES Coordinators.
  • Attend institution’s SIWES Orientation programme before going on attachment
  • Obey constituted authorities and adhere strictly to all rules and regulations of the organization where they are attached.
  • Be regular and punctual at respective places of attachment.
  • Avoid change of place of attachment except on special consideration by the SIWES authority.
  • Complete Student Commencement Attachment Form (SCAF) and get it endorsed by the employer for onward submission to ITF.
  • Record all training activities and other assignments in logbook and complete ITF Form-8 to ensure proper assessment.
  • Be diligent, honest, conscientious, and take pride in the protection of employers’ properties throughout the attachment period.

Duration of the Programme

The industrial attachment is for a period of four months i.e. sixteen (16) weeks for the regular NCE programme during the long vacation, at the end of second semester of the first year. For sandwich NCE programme, it is split into two, first in year two for a period of two months Second in year four for a period of another two months respectively.

Score and Requirements for Graduation

At the end of every SIWES exercise, the Student’s logbooks are collated and sent to their respective College Supervisors for assessment scoring and grading of the students.

The SIWES Scheme is a two (2) unit course and all the participating students are expected to pass the course at passing grade level of the College scoring and grading point for SIWES before the students can graduate from the College.