Rules Governing Students Demonstrations And Actions

Rules Governing Students Demonstrations And Actions

  1. The College recognizes the right of students to collectively express their grievances in a peaceful manner;
  2. Students, like any other persons shall have legitimate right to dissent and to hold a different opinion or think differently from others. No student should be compelled to join in any collective action the student union may organize;
  3. The SUG may organize a demonstration if it receives the support of at least 1/3 of the student’s membership of a congress convened for that purpose;
  4. No section of the students may organize a demonstration, unless a written notice is given to the College Management through the Dean, Student Affairs not less than 72 hours before the commencement of the proposed action; and
  5. The notice to the Provost must give the following details
  6. reasons for and the nature of the proposed demonstration;
  7. measures taken to ensure that essential services will not be disrupted; and
  8. assurance of non-violence to persons vandalization of property


Guidelines for Demonstration

Demonstration must not:

  • endanger the life of any person;
  • deny other students their right not to join in a demonstration;
  • restrain the free movement of persons on the College campus or public highways;
  • deny others the use of offices, classrooms and other facilities; and
  • disrupt or obstruct the educational activities of the College between the hours of 7.00 pm and 7.00 am.


  1. The SUG and the entire student body shall be responsible for the consequences of their actions during demonstration; and
  2. In case of any demonstration leading to damages students shall be surcharged appropriately.