NCE Sandwich Programme

NCE Sandwich Programme


The philosophy of the Sandwich NCE Programme of theCollege is to provide opportunity for serving primaryschool and junior secondary school Grade Il teachers toacquire further training. This will provide them anopportunity to upgrade and update their knowledge andexpertise from their existing level of professional trainingto the level of NCE, with a view to improving the quality of primary education in Nigeria.


  1. To produce skilled and competent serving teaches at both the primary and junior secondary school
  2. levels, but with emphasis on basic school teaching;
  3. To give opportunity for serving Grade II Teachers who may not be able to go for the NCE regular full-time course to upgrade and update knowledge and expertise; and
  4. To raise the prestige and social status of basic education teachers.


The duration of the NCE Sandwich programme is 5 years or 5 contact sessions. If a student already on theprogramme fails to graduate after 8 years or eight contact sessions, he/she will forfeit his/her admission and cease to be a bona fide student of the College.

Timing of Programme

The programme runs during the long vacation

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements are stated in the admission requirements page