Regulations Governing Students’ Campus Journalism And Publications

Regulations on Campus Journalism

  • Only press clubs registered with the College are allowed to paste publications or other printed materials for general consumption at the designated places. Such publications must be presented to the Dean Student Affairs, for approval before circulation;
  • All publications from students’ press must bear the name of the society/club and names of members of the editorial board;
  • All students’ publications must state explicitly on the editorial page that the opinions expressed are not those of the College or its student body as a whole, but are solely the views of the society/club;
  • Notices by other students shall be pasted only after the approval of the Dean, Student Affairs. Any notice not on notice boards shall attract a fine to be determined by the College Management;
  • Only duly signed notices shall be considered forapproval;
  • Only duly signed notices shall be considered forapproval;
  • Freedom of expression is not to be interpreted to mean excess of freedom. Every student shall be held accountable for whatever he or she puts in writing. The Provost reserves the right to proscribe any Press Club whose publications are considered inimical to the harmonious existence of the College’s community:
  • Students’ organizations, the Union Executive orindividual students who wish to issue pressreleases or address a press conference must makecopies of the releases available to the Dean,Student Affairs, and await approval before suchreleases are made or conference is held;
  • Communication from organizations, the UnionExecutive or individual student to government officials must pass through the Dean, Student Affairs, and to the Provost; and
  • Student Organizations or individual student wishing to use broadcast media within or outside the College must obtain the approval of the Student Affairs, and await Provost’s approval.