Student Accomodation

Residence on Campus

  • Residence on campus is not mandatory;
  • Provision of hall accommodation is not a right;
  • Payment and allocation of accommodation online is subject to availability of bed space;
  • Students who are eligible for accommodation should obtain clearance from the Office of the Dean, Student Affairs before payments are made online;
  • A Student in the hall of residence must abide by the rules and regulations governing the hostels/halls of residence;
  • If a student has cogent reason to change room/hall, request MUST be made to the De Student Affairs;
  • Regular students are not allowed to stay during holidays except on permission;
  • Under no circumstances should squatting beallowed. For this, students must sign an undertaking before admission to halls of residence;
  • The 200 level students may be required to stay off campus; and
  • Students living in the halls of residence who wish to travel outside the campus must sign the exit register before embarking on the journey.

Nuisance in Hall of Residence

  • Users of musical instruments should avoid disturbing other students;
  • Cooking in the rooms is strictly prohibited:
  • Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks and any form of hard drugs and their sales are prohibited;
  • A limited number of electrical gadgets is approved for use in the hostels; for clarity see the Hall Administrator; and
  • Under no condition should students tamper with the electrical wiring in the hostels. Any electrical fault should be reported to the hall administrator.

Accommodation of Visitors Overnight

On no account should visitors be accommodated in the hostels overnight. Violation of this will attract penalty as may be prescribed by the College Students Disciplinary Committee

Visiting Hours

Female students visit to male hall terminates at 7.00 pm. and no male student is allowed Female Room;

Students are to receive visitors in the com rooms between 4:00 pm, and 7.00 p.m. Monday to Friday and on weekends and public holiday between 10.00 a.m. and 7,00 p.m.

All students are regarded as visitors to any other hall in which they are not registered. Also, non-residential students are considered visitors to the halls of residence;

A breach of these regulations by students shall carry appropriate punishment i.e. a letter of

Warning/reprimand for a first offender or ejectionfrom the hostel for repeated violation of the rule. Furthermore, a wilful destruction of College property will attract punishment and

Visitors from outside the College who violate the college rules stand the risk of being handed over to the law enforcement agencies and will be treated as intruders. Students are therefore seriously advised to warn their relations or loved ones to please respect College rules.