Academic Board

The Academic Board

The Academic Board of the College consists of the following members:

  1. The Provost who is the Chairman;
  2. The Deputy Provost:
  3. The Deans and Directors of Academic Unit:
  4. The Heads of Department;
  5. The College Librarian;
  6. The Chief Lecturers and
  7. The Registrar (Secretary)

Functions of the Academic Board

The Academic Board is responsible for:

  1. The direction and management of academic matters of the college including, the regulation of admission of students, the award of certificates, scholarship, prizes and other academic distinctions and students’ disciplinary matters.
  2. Making periodic reports on such academic matters to the council as the need arises; and
  3. Discharging any other functions which the Council may from time to time, delegate to it.