School of Vocational Education

Brief On School Of Vocational Education FCE, Okene

The School is comfortably operating from good structured Administrative building. The School equally owns a 250 seaters mini- auditorium.


Agric. Education

Home Economics Education

Business Education

Fine and Applied Arts Education


Agric. Department

Mrs. Awotoye, G.T

Business Education

Miss. Oba, U.O

Fine and Applied Arts

Dr. Anabe, A.T

Home Economics

Dr. (Mrs.) Omokore, E.S


  • Mr. Itua, G.E
  • Mr. Onuwoji Raji


  • Sanni Haleemat (Mrs.)
  • Mr. Hadi Obadoba
  • Confidential Secretary Mrs. Olorunfemi, I. Racheal


  • Zubair Abdulkarim



Names Tenure
Chief J. Omoyele Falaye 1991 – 1995
Mr. F.A Ajongbade 1995 – 1999
Dr. J.K Agunsoye 1999 – 2003
Mr. Ononamadu, E.O 2003 – 2005
Mr. Yusuf Patrick, U 2005 -2009
Mr. Egeonu, A.M 2009 – 2013
Dr. Frank, N.U 2013 – 2015
Mr. Okomanyi, O.A 2015 – 2019
Dr. Olumuyiwa R. Adedayo 2019 Till Date

School Contact Info

School Of Vocational Education, FCE Okene

P.M.B. 1026, Okene,
Kogi-State, Nigeria

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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  • Philosophy Of SIWES

The students industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a Skill Training Programme designed to expose and prepare students of Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Technology, Colleges of Agriculture and Colleges of Education from the Industrial Work situation they are likely to meet after graduation. The Scheme also affords Students the opportunity of familiarizing and exposing themselves to the needed experience in handling equipment and machinaring that are usually not available in their institution.

The SIWES Unit of Federal of College of Education, Okene is under the office of Dean, School of Vocational Education and the Unit has been responsible from coordinating the activities of Students who are involved in the SIWES programme from year to year. The office also liaises between the College and the regulatory agencies namely NCCE and ITF Head Quarters both in Jos and Lokoja Area Office. The unit head works under the office of the Provost on SIWES matter and he is a member of the Academic Board. The unit has a committee constituted by the College and chaired by the Dean of School of Vocational Education to take critical decisions on issues relating to the SIWES matters in the College. The members of the committee were drawn up from the SIWES participating departments in the College.


  • Staffing:

The Unit is headed by a coordinator who is an academic staff of not below the rank of a Senior Lecturer and some other supporting staff. Currently, headed by Mr. Abdullahi, M.J. Bello as a Coordinator and he oversees the day to day activities of the Unit. The other supporting staff of the Unit are:

  1. Friday Anikoh (C.E.O)
  2. Sheik Mamman A. (P.E.O)
  3. Audu A. Hajarat (Assist. Registrar)
  4. Audu Onipe (Admin. Officer 1)
  5. Rahima Abdullahi (Admin. Officer 11)
  6. Sani Fatimat E.O
  7. Idris H.E.O


  • Participating Department

The SIWES programme in Colleges of Education in Nigeria is mainly vocational programme from Students of Vocational Education Studies, however, in recent time and in the course of curriculum review by the NCCE and ITF as concerns SIWES departments outside School of Vocational Education were included in the scheme. The participating departments present in Federal College of Education are: Agriculture Education (AGE), Business Education (BED), Fine and Applied Arts, Home Economics Education Computer Science Education and Music Education respectively.


  • Duration Of The Programme

The Industrial attachment is for a period of four months i.e. sixteen (16) weeks for the regular during the long vacation, at the end of second semester of the first year while for sandwich programme is splitted into two first in year two from a period of two months and year four for a period of another two months respectively.


  • Score And Requirement For Graduation

At the end of every SIWES exercise, the Students logbooks are collated and send to their respective College supervisor for assessment scoring and grading of the Students.

The SIWES Scheme is a two (2) unit course and all the participating Students are expected to pass the course at passing grade level of the College scoring and grading point for SIWES before the Students can graduate from the College.