Students Health and Safety on Campus



College Medical Centre

The College Medical Centre is well equipped and funded to deliver a 24 hours Health Care Service to the College and Host Community.

The following services units are presently available in the College Medical Centre:

  1. Clinical Services Unit

        – General outpatient (GOPD)

        – Inpatient:

  1. Male and Female wards for staff
  2. Male and Female wards for students
  3. Nursing Services Unit

        – Antenatal care

        – Maternity

  1. Pharmacy Services
  2. Laboratory services
  3. Health Information services
  4. X-ray
  5. Surgical services
  6. Special clinic
  7. Directly observed treatment short course (DOTS)
  8. HIV testing and counselling
  9. National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)
  10. Formal sector
  11. Informal sector-Tertiary Institution (TISHIP)
  12. Ambulance services
  13. Standby power generating services
  14. Community services
  15. Counselling services
  16. Training of IT and SIWES students
  17. Optometry services
  18. A robust referral system is carried out.

In addition, periodic Health awareness seminars are carried out.

Medical Services

The Medical Centre renders the following services:

  • Medical treatments for in and out-patients;
  • Enlightenment for both staff and students on topical issues in healthcare and preventive measures;
  • National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS); and
  • Tertiary Institutions Health Insurance Programme for Students (TISHP);
  • NGO sponsored services like free counselling and testing of HIV status; and free treatment for tuberculosis (TB), and
  • Inoculation

Environmental Cleaning Outfit

The sanitation/cleaning of the College environment is contracted to a private cleaning outfit. Their activities cover all the classrooms/lecture halls, administrative areas and offices, students’ hostels and the general environment of the College. Any observation on their activities can be addressed to the Director of SERVICOM or the Hostel Administrators or the Dean Student Affairs.