Students Health and Safety on Campus

The College Medical Centre

The Medical Centre renders the following services:

  • Medical treatments for in and out-patients;
  • Enlightenment for both staff and students on topical issues in healthcare and preventive measures;
  • National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS); and
  • Tertiary Institutions Health Insurance Programme for Students (TISHP);
  • NGO sponsored services like free counselling and testing of HIV status; and free treatment for tuberculosis (TB), and
  • Inoculation:

Environmental Cleaning Outfit

The sanitation/cleaning of the College environment is contracted to a private cleaning outfit. Their activities cover all the classrooms/lecture halls, administrative areas and offices, students’ hostels and the general environment of the College. Any observation on their activities can be addressed to the Director of SERVICOM or the Hostel Administrators or the Dean Student Affairs.


The College Security is being handled by a private security outfit. Their activities cover the entire College environment, starting from the entry points of the College to the Staff Quarters, they cover classrooms/lecture halls, administrative areas hostels. To ensure the safety of lives and property Security Officers may require individuals in the College to identify themselves by asking for their identity cards Students are enjoined to cooperate with them.

NB: It is important to note that the authority of the College Security outfit does not extend beyond the College premises.

Student Identity Cards

Upon admission into the College students are issued with Identity Cards (I.D. Card) by the College and renewable each academic session. Returning students shall surrender their previous year’s ID card before they are issued with new ones.

Students are expected to carry their I.D. cards always for easy identification by the College Security outfit