Doma Danjuma

NAME: Doma Danjuma



RANK: Chief Lecturer


QUALIFICATION: PH.D(2019),  MA (2009), PGDE (2001), BA (Islamic Studies) (1992), IJMB (1985), WASC (1983), & Primary School Leaving Certificate (1978)


PHONE NO: 08033111077


Journal articles

Doma, D. (2012). The principle of Honesty in public administration and the quest for good governance: Islamic perspective.

Doma, D. (2011). Faith-based Approach to curbing spates of terrorism in northern Nigeria.

Doma, D. (2010). Islamic banking and the quest for sustainable economic growth: The challenges.

Doma, D. (2010). Redefining the role of religious education towards the eradication of social problems in Nigerian educational system for national growth and development.

Doma, D. (2008). Teaching of faith-based sex education in the 21st century. A consideration Knowledge Review.

Doma, D. (2002). Using religion to foster unity in diversity: Islam’s practical views.

Doma, D. (2002). Teaching the values and attitudes of Islam on the rights of non Muslims in formal schools towards the cultivation of religious tolerance among Muslims.

Doma, D. (1999). A study of Administrative performance of primary school Headmasters in three critical task areas in Okene Local Government.

Doma, D. (2014). The challenges of entrenching Islamic principles of conflict reduction and control in the pedagogies of peace and conflict studies.

Doma, D. (2014). The challenges and prospects of introducing religious education as a discrete school subject in Nigeria.

Doma, D. (2013). Religious education, job creation and sustainable national development in Nigeria.

Doma, D. (2013). Towards the attainment of national integration and cohesion in Nigeria: Islam’s practical views.

Doma, D. (2013). Religious education: A recipe for the entrenchment of democracy and good governance in Nigeria.

Doma, D. (2009). Responding to the HIV/AIDS Scourge: Islamic Perspective. Adeniji, L.A.A., Adeyemo, S.A. and Adenji, D.R. (edited).

Doma, D. (2011). On tackling the menace of Nigerian brand eroders through religious education for a rebranded nation: Succinct views of a muslim. Adeniji, L.A.A., Adeyemo, S.A and Adeniji, D.R. (edited).

Doma, D. (2014). A handbook on Islamic Rituals for Schools and Colleges.

Doma, D. (2015). Introduction to Hadith and Notes on a select Hadith from Arba’in An-Nawawi Okene.



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